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Journal Entry #1

2009-03-16 18:37:17 by SilentCougar

Monday, March 16, 2009
Well, I guess this is my web journal. Don't expect me to release anything too personal.
Anyways, today's not really exciting. We finished our Novel Study and have a test on Thursday. It was a gloomy rainy day, and my stomach hurt. So I am pretty much just having a bad day. Nothing really positive. Well, I did get something REALLY positive, but I get A's and up usually. I'm a very good student, not to brag. I got A+'s on my review on my novel. Plus, I just broke up with my girlfriend. A pretty sad time recently. I guess I'm done. See you guys later,

My Poem

2009-03-14 19:17:17 by SilentCougar

This is my first time writing a real, actual poem with a lot of thought.
A soul touches my heart.
I cannot let it go.
The feeling is a sweet as a tart
My regretting of what I have done,
Haunts me in my sleep.
I can't let go the only one,
That I thought I loved.
Her eyes were as beautiful as a sapphire.
Her smile was radiant, and was as big as a dove's.
Now every time I pass her grave.
It makes me want to love her more.
And I wish a man who craves flesh to crave me.

Voice Acting in Animations:

2009-03-07 22:37:01 by SilentCougar

I've been voiceovering Animations since I was 11. I loved to voiceover my brother's animations. However, these are the rules/requirements:

I have a STRICT policy against cursing. Absolutely NO cursing. "Stupid", "Idiot", "Sucks", ect. are acceptable. "S***" "F***" "A**" *D***" "H***" *DA**" are NOT acceptable.

Each voiceover is free. I would gladly help, but credit is required.

Something beyond my skills, for example, morphing Fred's voice would be quite difficult. I could use the Helium effect, but... anyways, the catch is, don't expect the voiceover quickly in that sort of situation.

I guess that's it. I'm sorta getting bored, so I need to be hired for a voiceover job.


Hey Guys, I got Flash.

2009-03-05 11:55:55 by SilentCougar

You'll be seeing some movies from me!