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2009-03-14 19:17:17 by SilentCougar

This is my first time writing a real, actual poem with a lot of thought.
A soul touches my heart.
I cannot let it go.
The feeling is a sweet as a tart
My regretting of what I have done,
Haunts me in my sleep.
I can't let go the only one,
That I thought I loved.
Her eyes were as beautiful as a sapphire.
Her smile was radiant, and was as big as a dove's.
Now every time I pass her grave.
It makes me want to love her more.
And I wish a man who craves flesh to crave me.


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2009-03-14 23:10:17

Pretty good, except the 'sweet as a tart' line sounded ridiculous

SilentCougar responds:

That's what I thought, but I couldn't think of anything else. I guess... erm...
But she loved Bart, too?

Like a cheating kinda thing?