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Voice Acting in Animations:

2009-03-07 22:37:01 by SilentCougar

I've been voiceovering Animations since I was 11. I loved to voiceover my brother's animations. However, these are the rules/requirements:

I have a STRICT policy against cursing. Absolutely NO cursing. "Stupid", "Idiot", "Sucks", ect. are acceptable. "S***" "F***" "A**" *D***" "H***" *DA**" are NOT acceptable.

Each voiceover is free. I would gladly help, but credit is required.

Something beyond my skills, for example, morphing Fred's voice would be quite difficult. I could use the Helium effect, but... anyways, the catch is, don't expect the voiceover quickly in that sort of situation.

I guess that's it. I'm sorta getting bored, so I need to be hired for a voiceover job.



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2009-03-07 22:38:01

Oh yeah, also PM me for the job.


2009-03-09 14:03:30

when you have to comment your own post oooo dear
you don't NEED to be hired you WANT to be hired ;)

(Updated ) SilentCougar responds:

Eh, true.
Is that a yes or no to the hiring question!?
*rabies foam come out of mouth*


2009-03-11 17:36:19

Don't comment your own post, click the little red edit button in the future.

SilentCougar responds:

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.


2009-03-12 17:38:26


SilentCougar responds:

What's so funny?